Sunday, June 29, 2008

euro finals tonight !!

this morning went to sunway city to practice 'how to drive a car'*paiseh* guided by my dad. Before that someone(claudia !), forgotten to wake me up some more. That sui lui bao(claudia again,hehe) promise to miss call me 3 times but not even a call =X. As usual, ate dim sum for breakfast on Sundays.

Noon-Ate Green Town, mee goreng then went back home with a nap

Opps, don't forget EURO FINALS ! Maybe I'll sleep at 10 p.m. and wake up at 2.30+a.m. No idea can my alarm clock wakes me up =//


Friday, June 27, 2008

speech day

woke up at 6.15a.m.(kns !). Went to Nasmir stall for my breakfast (2 piece of Roti Canai). About 8 something waiting for the big fella(vip) to arrive. For this arrival a performance must be done.(ccb). After performance went to X3 cybercafe. Had a few games of Fifa 08 and a few rounds of Counter-Strike. The results are:

Fifa 08
1st Game
Xeonx(me)(Real Madrid) vs Jia Lun(Arsenal)
Won 2-0 (extra-time)
2nd Game
Xeonx(AC Milan) vs Jia Lun (Liverpool)
0-0 (Penalty 8-9) Lost ! *damn*
3rd Game
Xeonx(Real Madrid) vs Ryan N.(Man. Utd.)
Won 1-0

Noon - MCD = Fillet-O-Fish
then blogging (now)

Since a long time i never see a worm*paiseh* so freaking jakun that i took a picture of it. Quite fat huh, the worm ? I saw this thing in the early morning in school but then an idiotic form 6 girl accidentally step on it. poor thing +.+

co-curriculum day

yaya, just another way so that the principal can swindle money into this pocket by doing this co-curriculum day in the school. Whole day i was play football on the field with the Form 4's. Thanks to them if not i might just walk out from the school that day =/. After the game, bought a cup of 100 Plus from Interact stall for 80 cents. Guess how's the size of the cup? It's just a small cup of it and they are charging 80 cents*damn*.

evening - skip jogging

Tomorrow - Speech day but then my full colour cert is on Monday not tomorrow. =/

oh ya this weekend will be filled with politicking events in KL and Ipoh.
Saturday - Anti-ISA campaign in Melawati Stadium, KL
Sunday - Anwar Ibrahim(PKR), Lim Kit siang (DAP) will be in Stadium Perak, 8pm
Try to avoid going near this places to avoid massive traffic jams.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i want this

Baka Audrey Goh(Razzy) I WANT THESE ALBUMS !!
get it for me, please please please ^.^v

From left:
Greeeen - A Domo Ohisashiburi Desu
Ayaka - Sing the Sky

Yui - I Loved Yesterday

torn running shoe !!!

my running shoe !! is torn. bloody sole starting to peel apart from the shoe. 12 days to IIR already, COME on shoe please retire after IIR(not now) i NEED you for my 21km run.

a pic of my shoe(taken a few months ago)

Well after hundreds of kilometer with this shoe I think that it's time for the shoe's retirement because both side of the sole is peeling off. Luckily i glued it back together but i bet it can only last a few more weeks before it peels again. =(

Probably my next shoe will be Adidas(again ?) no doubt it's more lasting than Nike. I might get a pair from Brooks but depends on my budget and the shoe's price.
Any recommendation of running shoes, feel free to tell me =DD

maybe a pair of adidas microbounce ???? or adizero cs ? SPONSER ME !!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

wake up at 8+ then someone phoned me. Went out to Ipoh Garden south for breakfast.

noon - watch 'The Happening', boring=//

evening - went jogging from my house to sunway city. upon reaching home, saw jessica was jogging too (surprised @.@, panggil pun tak choi)

night - dinner, noticed location of audrey's ballet class.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Perak State Level band video(s)

but can't see Claudia . Muwahahhahaa

Sam Tet (deserve to 3rd place not 4th place)


Nan Hwa

Nan Hwa District Round video

Well this is Nan Hwa District Round video. I haven't found anyone uploaded videos from the stadium.

Suki's debut album

Title: SUKI - Finally/Akhirnya
Price: RM29.90
Distributor: EMI
Label: Monkey Bone
Type: Malay Album or Malay/English

Time to support LOCAL ARTIST !!!

By the way, her appearance changed a lot. Now looks like an international icon for malaysia or maybe soon she will be appearing in Playboy magazine just like amber chia did ??

the old suki >>>

Friday, June 20, 2008

lecturing dayyy

whole day lectured by Taylor's college fella about chemistry and add maths.

Perak marching competition
1st Nan Hwa
2nd Amc
3th Pgs

the rest, Samtet(deserve 3th place), sam min, acs(with cg^^)

oh ya, met audrey chan and amy at the stadium but didn't have time to find claudia(sorry yahh).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fc*k KZ is back !

Well my fellow schoolmates will know this person, 'KZ' (Kamarulzaman bin Din). If you don't know this teacher/racist fella you can read the links below
Teacher insensitive to boys' religious, Star newspaper 29 Jan 2008
Teacher says sorry to parents, Star newspaper 30 Jan 2008

As written in the title of this post that HE IS BACK to trim breads and hairs of students after the press had suppressed him from doing such unmoral act for such a long time( 5 months ?).Besides that this f*g does not think that we does not have STUDENT RIGHTS. He act like a big f*ggot in this school which is a pure Racialist and implementing nuisance projects that cause students to give up the spirit to be in school.

I was lucky to be escape from his haircut service today but certainly he won't be so easy letting those who fled away today. A few more days i expect him to create some chaos to the school students.

My final words for this post, F*ck OFF KZ !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

IIR 2008 on the 6th JULY

Just remind you guys that IIR(Ipoh International RUN) 2008 will be held in Stadium,Perak on the 6th of July. Offering 21km(half marathon),10km,7km and 5km to all ages. Register yourself at MBI building or though the net( ). Get yourself register before SUNDAY, 29 JULY (NOON).

I'm going for 21km, so if anyone which is in the same category as me please tell me okayy ?? XD

Get Countdown

Sponsor Me

and I'm going to train daily jogging from Ipoh garden east to Tambun main road/Sunway city. So whoever which training around the area , maybe include me in your training too =)

Am I blogging ?

Well...If you know well you will know how lazy am I in blogging. As you know I'll use various common words that I like to say, example wtf,stfu,bloody,shit and etc.

I'll try to post in something here from time to time to let my readers/friends/strangers to know what the hell am I doing.