Friday, October 17, 2008

Thanks Ubuntu(Holland to my doorstep)

Dad: Got a mail for you.
YH: huh ? from who
Dad: see for youself
YH: owh, this UBUNTU !

THANKS UBUNTU for sending it from all the way from Netherlands to IPOH.

Installation Disc, booklet , Stickers !!!

Linux for human being !
Gosh 4 stickers only. Not enough heheheh

WCG 08, 2 more week

Once again 10 players will be representing Malaysia in World Cyber Games 2008, Germany

Malaysia VicViper (Command & Conquer 3)

Malaysia Serry (Warcraft III) Will be facing tough opponents: China Infi (China) and Netherlands Grubby (Netherlands) in Group Stage A.

Malaysia Johnrambo (Starcraft) Most experienced Malaysian WCG player, he will be facing Korea (South) SparKyzPractice (Korea (South)) and China Lovett (China)

Malaysia [TeamLZ] (Counter-Strike) High chances to be in the top of group stage

Malaysia [WInDs]Vin (Malaysia) 60% can get into the second round

Malaysia M1-Heaven (Malaysia) MAS-1 player ~ good luck. Go Heaven.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

mouse gripping

Palm Grip

20% usage
Usage - When my palm is freaking tiredd

Claw Grip

0% usage
Usage: not used to it.

Fingertip Grip

80% usage
usage: Agile !
My fav position

gosh i love this

ESWC ‘08 Commemorative Edition Razer DeathAdder

Nice edition of death Adder. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW when can i buy a 1600DPI> MOUSE !!!