Monday, July 28, 2008

missing in action

ya ya i know i've been missing in action at xeonxyh.blogspot.

It seems last week that i'm pretty away from signing into messenger but thoughout the week nothing much happened. Well on Sunday I didn't went to the cinema but then I was in Jusco. Saw Pui Yan in Popular Bookstore.

Today(Monday) - Went schoolling as usual. Pretty sleepy thoughout the day and had 1h 45minutes of add maths class*bloody teacher*. As you know that the hot of the weather makes us feel sleepy during her class, so a few of us sneek out to buy some snacks.

Cheerio ~ that's all, not time to type another extra word.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Yea yea , its Hellboy II. Quite boring =/ nothing that impressive about this movie. Rated 5/10
Even while watching this movie still can sms a few of my friends.

Razzy !!! better watch WALL-E asap =)))))) I'm obsessed with EVE already <3.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

High Latency !

WTH ! Ping rate at 700+ this is freaking slow connection from TM Net. It's considered 100% connection timed out when loading hotmail,yahoo and etc.

Malaysians paying RM66 for 512Kbit/sec

Singaporeans paying RM68 for 2Mbit/sec(Starhub). It's 4 times faster than Malaysians.


Just watched this today though my PC. It's a cam copy of this movie.

Rated 7/10.

Oh ya by the way, EVE is quite cuteeee =DDD and Wall-e is kinda funny.


*5 more movies needed to be watch: Hancock, Hell Boy II, War of The Dragons, Batman, Red Cliff

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

no mood

Actually my freaking pc is repair (by me) within one day but then I don' t have time to update the blog.

When I wrote the last post i was in X3 Cyber Cafe(on Friday). Played 2 games of FiFa 08, COD 4 (just trying out, thanks to amir's idea) and CS.

Saturday - Attended a seminar at Syuen Hotel then went to Ipoh Parade for a while. Tried Thai Mango with Glutinous rice. Well, MP Steamboat in Parade the concept just like Sushi King, that is having conveyor belt running though the whole area with colourful plates. Unfortunately for large group of people dining there the bill will be expensive but perfect for those people which are on diet and wanted to have a steamboat meal. The price range is Rm1 - Rm5++++ but then quantity of food is very small.

Well, I don't have to dine there to know the conclusion of the steamboat bill, ^.^V . By using the 7th sense =DDDD

Sunday - As usually, ate dim sum with grandparents. Then went to TGV Cineplex to watch this :

Well, not bad movie but contain some logic and unlogical things. Rated 5/10 by me.

Cheerio~ Don't have the time to make up more stories =/

by the way i'm downloading WALL-E now =))))

Thursday, July 10, 2008

crap pc down !

Won't be online or typing on the keyboard until further notice =///

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

8 Things I'm Passionate About
1. You, cant life without you
2. Electronic gadgets, Japan+Korea heaven of gadgets
3. the Internet, It's like living in a cave when my connection is down.
4. Cars(Audi A4, Aston Martin DB9,Maserati)
5. Anime
6. Japanese series
7. Running !! XD
8. Japan, Gonna live there soon =D

8 Things I Said Too Often

1. hii
2. heyy
3. wow
4. wth
5. ish
6. omg
7. nice
8. doink

8 Songs I Can Listen Over and Over Again

1. Greeeen - Be Free, Awww I want to watch Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge !!
2. Yui - New Generation
3. Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of Love
4. Joe Hisaishi - Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite
5. Fergie - Finally
6. Eminem - Lose Yourself
7. Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky
8. Mami Kawada - Hishoku no Sora

8 People I Tag
1. Audrey Chan
2. Amy
3. Li Xin
4. Claudia
5. Yee San
6. Audrey Goh
7. Nerriza
8. Jamie

Monday, July 7, 2008

Half-marathon dayy

4.45a.m. - Woke up, brush teeth,bath
5.00 - Ate two energy bars and 500ml of fluid.
5.15 - Depart to Stadium
5.30 - Arrive at reporting booth

start warming up after getting wristband. Saw a few kenyans, africans and thais warming up on the track already.

6.00 - More people arrived
and more more more....

6.30 - Lim,Carson(and his cousin) found me. Waited to be released to the starting line

6.48 - Released to the starting line. Stood on the 2nd line and next to the kenyans.

around 7 - START race !

0-9km - started well and pace well maintained.

10 km - reached Gunung Rapat area. Everything in order.

11 km - 1hr 01 minute
pace still maintained without any pains

14 km - pace starting to drop
around STAR school

around Jusco - Slowing down desperate ankle and knee tendon starting to swell

16 km - JPJ(towards KG.Simee) Knee tendons of both legs started to cramp. Luckily there was medic assisstance on duty at the area. Applied some Flanil and continue with very slow jog.

Didn't manage to jog far as the cramp started again. Started walking .... =X
since everyone around me were walking also.

17 km Ipoh Garden/Canning Garden - Walkkkk ! While walking starting to chat with some other runners. All of them are suffering pains on their legs.

18km to Finishing Line - The last phrase took me 25minutes+(approx. I'm not sure) to finish. That means it's freaking slow and the feeling is like walking towards hell.

After Finishing line - Took my cert and immediately to medic camp with both legs cramp.
After 5minutes in the camp then only went to food court to find my friends.

Total time taken was 2hr 45minutes(approx.) don't laugh at my timing this is my first time participating in half-marathon.

Just to tell you guys that 21km is much more fun than 10km. Believe it =)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

21km eve

Gonna sleep at 11PM. Gosh you must be jokingggg.

On my table:
Tee (pinned with number)
Short pants
500ml water
Hand phone (4a.m. alarm x 3)
Pocket radio including earphone
Wallet with cash and reporting card

Not forgetting my shoe.....

Friday, July 4, 2008

2 more days to iir

Monday - School assembly was quite long cos of the prize giving for those who prizes which been left out from the speech day
After 5 years in the school co curriculum , this what i get
1. A full colour Cert(can be DIY printing of it)
2. A crest ??? (excess stock from the tailor ???)

Tue-Wed - nothing much

Thursday - took IIR Tee and number. Waited pretty long even category A. Pity to those 5KM and 7KM coz the queue is freaking long.

Friday - Open day =( . Parents came to collect my results about 10.40+am. After they left the teacher's room, my mother started to 'goreng' me already .

Well IIR will be on this SUNDAY
The time to register yourself on the race day will be
4.30-6.00 for 21KM
5.00-6.30 for 10KM
5.30-6.45 for 7KM & 5KM

at STADIUM PERAK (not Dataran IPOH)

So better be there early to avoid disappointment as the organize will be closing the registration on time and REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR REPORTING CARD ALONG.