Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flashback (1 week ago)

Will be composing a post on my recent work in KL (5 days) for DiGi R.A.P Central Region 1&2 ( a primary school drama competition by DiGi

Venue : SJK Chee Wen, Subang Jaya (a freaking rich chinese school which an auditorium(uni. size) and a indoor hall (1st floor, size of the AMC hall)

15/4 - Sound & Light setup

16/4 - Rehearsal for KL schools
17/4 - Rehearsal for Selangor schools

18/4 - Regional Finals for KL schools
19/4 - Regional Finals for Selangor schools

A few photos of it( don't nag when i didn't upload much photos) =S

The auditorium. (don't freaking complain why the photo was so dark. the lightnings are not on yet)

Gigantic fan outside the auditorium(helicopter ? its bloody working)

Event Plus and Wide Edge crew

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